Joe Biden Admits Trump Probably Won’t Be Convicted in Impeachment

Joe Biden Admits Trump Probably Won't Be Convicted in Impeachment

( – Donald Trump’s second impeachment proceeding is highly unlikely to succeed; everyone knows this. Two-thirds of the Senate would have to vote in favor of it, which means at least 17 Republicans would have to turn against the former president.

In fact, the likelihood of its failure is so obvious, Democrats have begun to abandon the pretense of belief in its legitimacy. On Monday, January 25, Joe Biden gave an interview with CNN where he admitted he didn’t think Trump would be successfully impeached. He also acknowledged the trial would have a negative impact on his administration’s legislative agenda.

Biden moderated these comments by claiming the result might be different if Trump had six months of his term left. However, he affirmed his belief the impeachment “had to happen.”

Democrats are unified in their insistence that, whatever its outcome, the impeachment trial is necessary to uphold justice. Unfortunately, at a time when our society is under unprecedented pressure from all angles, this position looks impossible to defend.

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