Joe Biden Admits He’s Open to Rotating Supreme Court Justices

Joe Biden Admits He's Open to Rotating Supreme Court Justices

( – Conflicts over the Supreme Court are continuing to rage in the lead-up to the presidential election on November 3. On Monday, October 26, Joe Biden indicated he was considering a new system of judicial appointment.

The Democratic nominee’s framework would involve the rotation of justices, with the current members swapping places with judges on lower courts for a given period. Biden claims he’s consulted with constitutional scholars about this prospect. He alleges these experts have several ideas about how to change the structure of the Supreme Court and the appointments process.

Supreme Court rotation is not a new concept. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) also referred to this possibility earlier this year, during a Democratic primary event.

Joe Biden was careful to refer to the Constitution when exploring this possibility. This is an attempt to deflect attention from the fact Democrats are trying to exert political influence over the judiciary. While this may be more palatable, for some, than court-packing, it remains offensive to the separation of powers.

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