Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Reports Trump Administration Complained to Disney Over His Skits

(RepublicanDaily.org) – A media report from Rolling Stone magazine stated that the Trump administration had complained to the Disney corporation and asked them to reprimand late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel for a comedy skit “making fun” of the former president, The New York Times reported. The alleged incident reportedly would have occurred in 2018.

Trump reportedly became “so upset” by comedic jabs made by Kimmel and had his administrative staff “take action,” unnamed Trump administration officials reportedly told Rolling Stone. The Trump administration staffers were said to have spoken to Rolling Stone on condition of anonymity to preserve the integrity of their relationships within the Trump professional network.

The staffers told Rolling Stone that, while they did not feel their actions would have any impact on the Disney corporation or Kimmel, Trump had “become fixated” on the comments, and they felt they had to act in a way that they could then relay to the president that they had taken action.

The Trump administration staff contacted Disney, the parent company of ABC, which is the network that broadcasts Jimmy Kimmel Live! to complain. In at least two separate phone calls, the staffers were said to explain that the former president felt Kimmel’s comments were “very dishonest” and were of a nature that Trump would have “sued over” in times before these events occurred.

The staffers reached out to Disney’s top lobbyist Richard Bates with their complaints, Rolling Stone wrote. Bates, who had been a Disney executive for more than 30 years, passed away in December 2020, two years after the alleged events.

Following the media reports about the alleged complaint, Kimmel made a public response. Kimmel “roasted” Trump over the affair, stating that he was a “fragile snowflake” for making attempts to “censor” him, Vanity Fair wrote.

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