Jimmy Butler Defends Morgan Wallen After He Was Caught Using the N-Word

(RepublicanDaily.org) – “Wasn’t no controversy for me,” says Jimmy Bulter of his friend Morgan Wallen’s use of the n-word, which the country star was caught on video shouting during a drunken episode.

For Butler, the incident, which happened in 2021, is a non-issue. Butler, who has professed a love for country music, considers the country star a friend, and has seemingly given Wallen a pass this time around.

“I don’t think he’s a bad human being in any way, shape or form,” Butler said of Wallen. The Miami Heat superstar also said that while he thinks the country singer did make a mistake, he also believes that Wallen is an “incredible human being” and has “learned” his lesson from the incident and now “knows better.” Butler also said that he has not seen the video nor does he plan to “look much into it (the racial slur incident)” any more.

Wallen also previously apologized for his actions and words after the video surfaced. In a video message that lasted five minutes, the country star apologized for his drunken tirade, and asked fans to stop defending him, saying that he takes full responsibility for his actions. He also said that he spoke to respected members of the black community and was working on getting sober.

Butler, a six-time NBA All-Star, also told music magazine Rolling Stone that he plans to pursue a career in country music when he retires from playing professional basketball. In fact, he said that he has already “been in the lab” producing and writing country music, and has come up with “around 45 tracks” to date. The 34-year-old NBA star also revealed that a number of “real artists and songwriters” collaborated with him on a number of songs.

Butler recounted that he fell in love with the genre when he was a senior at Marquette after initially playing country songs in the locker room to annoy his teammates.

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