Jim Jordan Threatens FBI Funding Following Durham Report

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Republican Representative Jim Jordan, who is the current chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has threatened the FBI’s funding following the findings of the Durham Report, Newsmax reported.

The Durham report has renewed debates about the surveillance state in America, Politico reported. Jordan told reporters that the report’s findings have confirmed the need for “major, major changes,” Newsmax reported.

The Durham Report has sparked a heated political debate over the Justice Department’s conduct. Jordan has reportedly reacted “explosively” to the report’s findings.

On May 21, Newsweek reported that the House GOP is expected to target Hillary Clinton with an investigation following findings from the Durham Report that Clinton may have helped to “spread” the “conspiracy theory” that Trump had been involved in collusion with Russia.

Republicans have argued in the days following the Durham Report’s release that the report “exonerates” former President Donald Trump of the claims that he had colluded with Russia. Trump likewise commented on the report’s findings, stating that they put a “black eye” on the FBI, Newsweek reported.

Jordan implied that he and the House Judiciary Committee could “launch” an investigation into former State Secretary and First Lady Hillary Clinton over the Durham Report’s findings. Jordan appeared on the Fox News program “Sunday Morning Futures” and explained to the show’s host Maria Bartiromo and discussed the “ramifications” of the report, Newsweek quoted.

In the view of Republican analyst Victor Davis Hanson, the Durham Report found that it was the Clinton campaign and “not Trump” that colluded with Russia and furthered the narrative of a Trump-Russia collusion “conspiracy,” Fox News reported. Hanson appeared on the Mark Levin Show and explained his analysis of Special Counsel John Durham’s findings on the program. Hanson analyzed findings in the report that showed Clinton was using a “Moscow-based source” in the form of the Democrat-linked press relations executive Charles Dolan Jr., who was reportedly tasked with finding collusion evidence on Trump. Hanson claimed that Dolan was “feeding information” to Igor Danchenko, the Russian national and then Brookings Institute fellow who was the analyst who provided much of the information used in the Trump-Russia probe research Steele Dossier, and who was acquitted of lying to the FBI in the case in 2022, The New York Times reported.

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