Jim Jordan Says FBI’s Power Must Be Limited

(RepublicanDaily.org) – House Judiciary Committee Chair Representative Jim Jordan (R. Ohio) stated that, in his view, the FBI’s power should be limited, following the recent testimony of agency whistleblowers to Congress and the Durham Report’s release, Breitbart reported. Jordan reportedly stated that Congress would use “the power of the purse” which means a limitation of the flow of funds to limit the powers of the FBI.

Jordan explained that he and his colleagues will attempt to “rein in” the FBI after the recent releases of “malfeasance,” National Review reported. The Representative reportedly explained that the first step he and his colleagues would take is to make the American taxpayer understand how the FBI had “turned” on them and misused their funds, National Review reported. Next, Jordan explained that the House Judiciary Committee would petition the Congress’ power of the purse, and after that, the next step would be to update the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

The “power of the purse” will limit the way that the FBI can spend money, Jordan told Fox News Sunday Morning Futures, Yahoo! News quoted.

In the aftermath of the Durham Report’s release, Jordan has stated that the House Judiciary Committee has not yet ruled out another Hillary Clinton probe, NBC News wrote on May 22. Clinton has reportedly been criticized by Republican members of the Senate for her role in the Trump-Russian collusion inquiry. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R. TN.) had stated that the Russian collusion was a “figment” of Clinton’s imagination. Left-leaning media commentators criticized Blackburn for her comments, stating that an analysis by The Washington Post had stated that Clinton was “even less to blame” for the Trump-Russian collusion narrative than before, NBC News wrote.

Investigations into Clinton and her affiliations have drawn some political controversy, as Republicans and Democrats have not seen eye-to-eye. The Justice Department during the Trump administration investigated Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation until the administration’s “final days,” The New York Times reported. Media claimed that Trump and his “allies” had tried to cast a narrative that the Clinton Foundation was “corrupt.”

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