Jen Psaki Reveals US School Reopening Goals

Jen Psaki Reveals US School Reopening Goals

( – COVID-19 restrictions have been devastating for many sectors, particularly small businesses. However, when it comes to general disruption, the one of the most problematic effects of the virus has been school closures. In a lot of cases, if children can’t go to school, their parents can’t go to work.

On Tuesday, February 9, Press Secretary Jen Psaki discussed the Biden administration’s goals for the reopening of schools over the coming weeks. The aim, according to her, is to have a majority of schools open for at least one day a week by April 30 (100 days into Biden’s presidency).

There are several problems with this. First, as highlighted in the tweet below, having schools open only once a week is of little benefit for parents who work outside the home full-time.

Second, this might not even reflect a significant progression from where we are now. According to Burbio’s K-12 School Opening Tracker, a majority of schools across the U.S. are already providing at least some in-person instruction.

In December of last year, Biden promised to have schools open by April 30. What Psaki committed to this week looks like a heavily watered-down version of that goal.

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