Jen Psaki Backtracks After Mocking Space Force in Briefing

Jen Psaki Backtracks After Mocking Space Force in Briefing

( – It’s no secret that many senior Democrats have a disdainful attitude toward former President Donald Trump. It didn’t matter what he did, the Left criticized him. Apparently President Joe Biden’s administration is willing to express their hate toward his predecessor, even if it means attacking the military.

On Tuesday, February 2, Press Secretary Jen Psaki faced a question about the likely direction of the Space Force under the Biden administration. In a flippant tone, Psaki responded “Wow. Space Force. It’s the plane of today.” She then admitted she did not know who her point of contact in the military branch would be.

Conservative Tomi Lahren was disgusted by the remark.

Psaki later walked back her remarks with the below tweet. However, she did not apologize, despite attracting criticism from members of Congress.

The Space Force was established as a branch of the military in 2019. Introduced by Donald Trump, with bipartisan support from Congress, its function is to manage GPS and missile warning systems.

Psaki’s mockery should not cause Space Force operatives any real concern; analysts believe the Biden administration will leave the military branch in place. However, it’s worrying to see White House staff disrespect our military personnel as openly as this.

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