Israel’s New “Iron Dome” is Headed To Germany

( – Israel is set to send its Iron Dome missile defense system to Germany. The Iron Dome is a highly sensitive missile system that Israel uses to deflect rocket attacks on the nation. The system can detect incoming enemy fire and shoot it out of the sky before it reaches civilian areas. The missile defense system is so advanced that it can shoot down enemy missiles before they even reach the Earth’s atmosphere.

This defense system protected Israel during recent conflicts with attacks from Gaza, an area under the Palestinian Authority, the autonomous region along Israel’s western borders that falls under the political authority of President Mahmoud Abbas. The Iron Dome also serves to protect Israel from possible threats from hostile neighboring nations, including Hezbollah, the governing Islamic political faction in Lebanon.

In June, the Bundestag, Germany’s government, made a payment to Israel’s government of $4.3 billion, to purchase Israel Arrow 3 air defense technology. Israel Arrow 3 is the upper layer of the “Iron Dome” defense system.

Media reports explained that Germany has purchased the advanced missile interception system with the hopes of protecting European neighborhoods. The decision to purchase the advanced defense system comes ahead of growing concerns in Europe over the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The Iron Dome is capable of providing coverage and protection for other states in the European Union. Media reports explained that Germany’s preemptive move may be able to protect the entire European Union in the event of escalations.

As the Russian incursion into Ukraine’s sovereign territory continues to wear on, neighboring countries have looked on in growing concern. On some occasions “ordnance,” or debris from fighting, from the Russia-Ukraine conflict has crashed into nearby Poland. In November 2022, the debris that landed in Poland killed two people. This placed Poland and the NATO alliance, on high alert.

At the time of this event, President Joe Biden told the NATO alliance that the alliance would investigate what happened. World leaders remained gravely concerned as fears of the conflict triggering NATO involvement grew.

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