IRS Agent Seeks Whistleblower Protections Over Hunter Biden Probe Mishandling Claims

( – A supervisory special agent with the IRS, despite the risk of retaliation, has sought to provide evidence of claims that the investigation of Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is being mishandled, the Associated Press reported. As part of this effort, the agent is seeking whistleblower protections, CNN reported. The IRS agent was described as “overseeing” the controversial and complex investigation into a “high profile subject,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

A letter from Mark Lytle, an attorney for the IRS whistleblower (who has not been identified by name), was addressed to Congress that was obtained by ABC News, alleging that the Biden investigation was being mishandled. While the letter did not “name Hunter Biden” specifically, Congress was made aware that he was the person that was being referred to.

Hunter Biden has been under investigation over potential tax violations related to overseas work, Spectrum News reported. The House Oversight launched a probe into President Biden and the Biden family over a large number of documents that were discovered in the private residences of the president. Representative James Comer (R.Ky). The Oversight Committee expressed concerns about documents stored at the president’s Penn Biden Center think tank. The think tank had received donors from Chinese nationals affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party, which led Congress members to question if the documents had been exposed and if exposure of their contents might have presented a national security risk, Oversight Committee announced in January.

Since these events, Comer and the Oversight Committee have announced a continued investigation into the Biden family and their financial records.

Comer expressed concern about the mishandling accusations, ABC reported, saying that the Biden Administration was “obstructing justice” over the inquiry into Hunter Biden’s tax violations.

The Oversight Committee, meanwhile, announced that it will continue its probe into the “tangled web” of President Biden’s financial transactions, an Oversight press release stated on April 17.

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