Iran Accuses US of Making False Allegations

Iran Accuses US of Making False Allegations

( – Tensions between the US and Iran flared again this week as American Navy vessels were forced to fire warning shots at Iranian speedboats in the Strait of Hormuz. Thirteen boats harassed the US military vessels on May 10 in what was reportedly the worst such incident in over a year.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby outlined what happened during a press briefing on Monday, explaining that Iranian vessels had approached US ships at high speeds and were “acting very aggressively.”

However, Iranian leaders dispute this version of events. On Tuesday, May 11, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Navy released a statement condemning Kirby’s criticism of their actions. The IRGC claims the harassment was part of its fleet’s “normal and daily missions.” The statement adds that the attack was necessary because of the “unprofessional behavior” of the American ships, which included “helicopter flying and aimless and provocative shooting.”

President Joe Biden is currently under pressure to rejoin the controversial Iran nuclear deal Donald Trump left in 2018. It’s worth pondering whether this hostile activity from Iran is also designed to push him down that path.

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