Investigators “Ramp Up” Trump Criminal Probe; Analysts Ponder Trump Response

( – Following the partial release of a special counsel investigation in Fulton County, Georgia into the 2020 Presidential Elections, political analysts say prosecutors may seek to “ramp up” a criminal probe into former president Donald Trump. Trump is expected to seek out “desperate measures” if he should be indicted, MSNBC analyst Glenn Kirschner mused, in a February 17 appearance on Sirius XM.

Kirschner’s musings followed the reported appearance of Trump lawyer M. Evan Corcoran before a federal grand jury investigating Trump’s mishandling of classified documents. Corcoran communicated with federal officials during their documents probe and cooperated on drafting a statement that all documents were turned over. As he cooperated with the federal officials, Corcoran appointed his own lawyer to represent himself in the criminal probe, as investigation efforts “ramp up,” Reuters reported. Political analysts ponder how former Trump associates will be called to witness over Trump’s upcoming indictment.

Kirschner said that Trump has “burned” all the people who have “come within arm’s reach” of him. Because of this, Kirschner reasoned that Trump is a liability for his circle to help, and explained that Trump is likely to toss everyone “under the bus” when he is, in Kirschner’s view, inevitably indicted. In Kirschner’s view, Trump will throw his associates and family members under the bus to reduce any potential prison time he may serve.

Despite claims from political analysts that a Trump indictment is coming, Trump claimed “total exoneration” in the Georgia election probe, Forbes reported. Trump made statements claiming he was exonerated on Truth Social on February 16. The special counsel of the Georgia probe was disbanded in January, and a partial portion of their report was released.

Upon the report’s release, Trump congratulated the jury for “patriotism” and “courage” and said that the U.S. was “very proud” of their work, Forbes reported. However, it was not clear what portion of the text that Trump believed exonerated him, and a possible indictment was not ruled out.

Other than election fraud claims, a special counsel continues to investigate Trump over the classified documents that were located at his estate in Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida.

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