Internet Ablaze After DeSantis’ Marriage Labeled “Insular”

( – The internet erupted over a rumor that Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis’ marriage was “insular.”

Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis came under fire after an article published in The Washington Post called the Desantis marriage one of the most “guarded and feared” partnerships in politics. The article drew negative reaction after it referred to the DeSantis couple’s marriage as “insular” and “deeply private.” The Post attributed the privacy of their relationship to the power” and prominence the couple had obtained in Tallahassee.

Mrs. DeSantis’ role in DeSantis’ presidential pursuits has been called “limitless” by The Washington Post as they continue to question why she inspired “fear.” Mr. and Mrs. DeSantis were criticized as DeSantis has had his wife sign posters, and because Mrs. DeSantis is involved with hiring political aides.

People on the web responded to criticism of Florida’s first lady after the left-leaning media outlet The Daily Beast called her “Walmart Melania Trump,” in a derogatory comparison to the former First Lady.

In a similar fashion, earlier in the Florida governor’s presidential pursuits, the left-leaning political commentary outlet Politico drew backlash for what was referred to as a “hit piece” on Mrs. DeSantis. The article called out what the outlet referred to as “The Casey DeSantis Problem.” The outlet invoked a “Lady Macbeth” trope and attributed it to Mrs. DeSantis after having defended the wives of Democratic candidates.

Lady Macbeth is the villain of William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. In the play, Lady Macbeth is power-hungry and drives her husband to kill the king so she can become his queen.

As left-leaning media blasted Florida’s first lady, Fox News called these outlets out for “targeting” Mrs. DeSantis. Fox argued that, while it was not unusual for political spouses to take media heat, it was unusual for such hostility so early on in a presidential campaign.

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