Inflation Expected To Explode on July 4th

Inflation Expected To Explode on July 4th

This “EXPLOSION” Is Expected On July 4th

( – As COVID-19 has become less and less of a worry for the average American over recent weeks and months, another major concern has come to take its place — inflation. Prices are rising across the board, and everyone’s pockets are starting to feel the pain. One expert thinks the inflation crisis could come to a head early next month, on our national holiday.

On Friday, June 17, Republican pollster Frank Luntz appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” program. In an entirely unequivocal fashion, Luntz explained that the ongoing inflation crisis was only getting worse and that the Biden administration was ignoring the efforts of polling experts to sound the alarm.

Luntz predicted an “absolute explosion on inflation” on July 4 as the majority of Americans spend money on food, gas, and other expenses over the holiday weekend.

What Luntz referred to is not a new phenomenon. It’s well established that the sharp rise in consumer demand around July 4 can have an inflationary effect on prices in general. Last year, for example, market analysts noted price increases of between 15% and 35% for fireworks, and the price of rental cars reportedly went through the roof.

What do you think President Joe Biden and his supporting officials should be doing to stem the rising tide of inflation?

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