Illegal Immigrants ATTACK – FBI Makes Arrests!

FBI Makes Arrests After Feds Attacked By Illegals

FBI Makes Arrests After Fed Attacked by Illegals

( – Two Venezuelan men have been arrested by the FBI after attacking a federal border agent. The pair were trying to enter the US illegally when they were stopped by agents. Instead of complying with instructions, they tried to escape — then launched an unprovoked assault.

Around 6:45 a.m. on October 31, the US Border Patrol was alerted about a group of illegal immigrants entering the country near El Paso, Texas. An agent followed the group into a residential suburb near Ascarate Park; when the illegals spotted him, they dispersed and ran. The agent managed to catch up with Kevin Escalona Gonzalez and Yuleixy Mata Fuentes and tried to detain them. However, the men refused to comply and assaulted the agent. The officer was “pushed, dragged, and punched,” but eventually, he managed to take control of the situation and arrested them.

After the initial detention, Gonzales and Fuentes were arrested by the FBI. On November 1, they appeared in court and were charged with assaulting a federal officer. Now they’re being held at the El Paso County jail. Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey R Downey, from the FBI’s El Paso Field Office, warned that assaults on federal agents “will not be tolerated.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) reinforced that message, promising “consequences” for violence against Border Patrol, and calling for an end to the “culture of lawlessness” at the border. Is there any chance the Biden Administration will get the message now?

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