Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Demand Criminal Probe on Laptop Leakers

( – Hunter Biden’s lawyers have demanded a criminal probe into the whistleblowers who leaked Hunter Biden’s laptop records, Fox News reported.

Abbe Lowell, a lawyer for Hunter Biden, wrote a letter to the Justice Department demanding investigations into John Mac Isaac, the owner of the Mac Shop computer services provider where Hunter Biden’s laptop was left, former Trump attorney Rudy Guiliani, and former Trump White House advisor Steve Bannon.

Biden’s legal team reportedly denounces Isaac, Guiliani, and Bannon’s allegations that the Biden laptop located at the Mac Shop had unlawful materials saved to it. On the contrary, the Biden lawyers accuse the whistleblowers of unlawful transfer of private information from the laptop to the media.

The Biden lawyers also reportedly claim that the version of a laptop sent to the media “may have been tampered with.” Lowell argues that the letters sent to the DOJ do not “constitute” any admission of the laptop’s validity. Rather, Lowell highlights what he claimed was illegal conduct in obtaining the laptop information, then redistributing it in the media, saying that the conduct of the whistleblowers resulted in the direct, unlawful exposure of Hunter Biden’s personal information to the public.

Additionally, Lowell accuses Mac Isaac of “theft of computer services,” Fox News reported.

Hunter Biden also threatened to sue Fox News correspondent Tucker Carlson, The Independent reported. Biden seeks legal action against Carslon, Guiliani, and Bannon for their role in leaking the laptop story.

A Rudy Guiliani advisor, Ted Goodman, told The Independent that the level of concern from Biden’s legal team shows the validity of the emails. Goodman said that the concern is telling of how “devastating” the emails are for Hunter Biden and the Biden family, possibly exposing 30 years of corruption allegations.

Hunter Biden and his father, President Joe Biden, are also under scrutiny and investigation of the FBI and Congress. In January, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate the president’s Penn Biden think tank center, following the discovery of classified documents from the Obama administration at the think tank’s offices in November. Additional documents were found at one of Biden’s private residences in Wilmington, Delaware.

Senator Ted Cruz called for investigation into Hunter Biden’s residences, as part of the overall inquiry into the Biden family’s mishandling of classified information. Cruz told Fox News show host Sean Hannity that the DOJ should be looking for connections between President Biden and Hunter Biden’s dealings and affiliations.

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