Hunter Biden Is Reportedly Trying To Settle With the Feds

Hunter Biden Is Reportedly Trying To Settle With the Feds

Hunter Biden SETTLEMENT Bombshell – Paying Off The Feds?

( – President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden has rarely been out of the news headlines over the last year and a half. Federal authorities have been investigating the lawyer and lobbyist over his financial dealings following the emergence of a number of scandalous revelations about the younger Biden’s personal affairs. Now, new reports suggest he’s trying to strike a deal to get himself out of trouble.

Biden Hires a High-Profile Lawyer

On Tuesday, May 10, the New York Times published a report on Hunter Biden’s recent decision to hire a new lawyer to work on his case. Kevin Morris is an attorney and novelist who is well-known in Hollywood’s elite circles, having struck a large licensing deal on behalf of the irreverent hit animated series, “South Park.”

As well as being the younger Biden’s newly-appointed legal representative, Morris is also a close friend to the president’s son. The New York Times report claims Morris gave Biden a loan of around $2 million to pay tax debts and keep his family’s bills paid. Morris is also footing the bill for a documentary about Hunter Biden that will reportedly offer a rebuttal to the many personal attacks launched against him by former President Donald Trump.

Morris’ strategies are reportedly at odds with those of Biden’s other legal representatives. Since the beginning of the federal investigation into his financial dealings, Biden’s core team of lawyers has been cautious with regard to public statements and interactions. Morris, on the other hand, has gone on the offensive, such as by publicly questioning the veracity of the reporting around the laptop of Biden’s containing a trove of incriminating material about his personal and business dealings.

Will Hunter Biden Face Consequences For His Actions?

Hunter’s decision to enlist the help of Morris comes as the federal investigation into his dealings draws to a close. The Department of Justice will soon have to decide whether to indict the president’s son on criminal charges or pursue civil action against him. According to the New York Times, the decision could be among the most closely scrutinized of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s career.

Top brass at the DOJ are reportedly weighing whether to reach a settlement with Biden. Under such an arrangement, he would have to pay a significant fine to the federal authorities, but would escape criminal liability and the public exposure that would accompany a civil case. Avoiding such exposure is reportedly a key motivation for officials at the White House, who are keenly aware of the political damage associated with President Joe Biden’s ties to his son.

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