Hunter Biden Email Deniers Retract Positions Amid Biden Document Scandal

( – Intelligence officials who signed a letter of denial about the Hunter Biden email scandal have walked back their statements, Fox reports. Former Defense Intelligence Agency deputy director Donald Wise told The Australian that a significant portion of the emails “had to be real.”

The FBI and Twitter actively worked together to discredit factual information on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, reported by Michael Shellenberger. Twitter had a vast number of former FBI employees on its staff, so many that “Bureau alumni” reportedly had a unique Slack channel within the company system.

Retracted statements by the intelligence officers who vouched for Hunter Biden, as well as the FBI-Twitter affiliate campaign to discredit the investigation, add further scrutiny to the Biden family. The Biden family has come under hot scrutiny following the recent discovery of Obama administration-era documents in the Penn Biden Center and at President Biden’s private residences.

House Oversight Committee Leader Congressman James Comer (R-Ky) has renewed focus on the Hunter Biden scandal and Biden document scandal. CNN said Republicans were “ramping up” investigations into the whole Biden family, who have admitted to enjoying special privileges in business and politics because of their last name.

Democrats worry the Biden document scandal will be a “repeat” of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal during her 2016 presidential candidacy, The Hill reported. As with the Clinton email scandal, Democrats are concerned the Biden documents scandal will loom over Biden’s anticipated reelection campaign.

As Biden filegate investigations amp up, Democrats and political commentators ponder whether a Democrat leaked the news to the press. They ponder the possibility that a Democrat would be concerned a Biden re-election would be “disastrous” for the Democratic Party, wrote The Hill.

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