Hunter Biden Drowning in a Cesspool of Legal Problems

( – Hunter Biden seems as mired as he can be in legal troubles as his defense team allege that prosecutors failed to keep their end of the bargain on a plea deal, and a high-profile member of Hunter’s legal team said he would stop representing the president’s son.

The younger Biden and his team of attorneys have been locking horns with prosecutors over the terms of a plea deal related to the investigation over Hunter’s tax and business dealings. The deal is now considered defunct, and Christopher Clark, the lawyer who resigned, said that he would be willing to testify in future hearings.

Lawyers for the president’s second son said that the botched plea deal was the prosecution’s fault, as the latter wanted to dismiss a tax case previously filed against Hunter Biden and sought to file it in California. Prosecutors argued that the state was where Hunter Biden lived when the events and issues in their case happened.

Prosecutors are also reasoning that it was the defense team who fumbled the ball when they initially said that Hunter Biden would plead guilty to a gun charge included in the case against him because a diversion agreement in the gun charge also had a provision that would grant Hunter Biden immunity.

“This was a problem entirely of their own making,” prosecutors said of the issue.

The deal would have seen Hunter Biden charged with two misdemeanors for not paying his taxes in a timely manner in 2017 and 2018. He would also plead guilty to possession of an illegal firearm during the years when he was still using drugs.

Among other things, Hunter Biden is facing investigations related to several of his business dealings, where he allegedly used his father’s name to gain credence with his business associates and clients. As well as secure tax breaks with his father’s help.

Republicans are having a field day with his predicament, and many are calling for a deeper investigation and harsher penalties for any wrongdoing – as they feel that the now defunct plea bargain was a “sweetheart” deal.

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