Hundreds of Bees Swarm California Neighborhood

( – The people of Encino, California, a neighborhood of Los Angeles, were stunned by a sudden wave of massive bee swarms, Breitbart reported on May 16. The incident left at least two people injured, after having walked away with “multiple stings.”

One of the injured people was an L.A.P.D. volunteer police officer. The police officer swatted the bees away from his face, but lost balance and fell, left “unfortunately bloodied,” CBS Local News reported. After receiving “dozens” of bee stings, the officer was reportedly treated by firefights and at a hospital, CBS KCAL Local reported.

After being hospitalized by the incident, the volunteer police officer was reportedly “on the mend,” CBS KCAL reported.

Further details of the bee attack showed that the police officer who was stung and collapsed “on live TV” had been bloodied by the stings as well as by falling and hitting his head, KCAL reported. The officer was stung “over 100 times,” and was taken to the hospital “with a bloodied face,” the New York Post reported. The officer’s community reached out asking for support after the volunteer office was found to be “on the hook” for medical expenses, KCAL reported.

In addition to the reported injuries, the Encino bee swarm incident caused road closures in the area, the Los Angeles Times reported. The bee swarm, which reportedly occurred near Encino Reservoir, in the 17100 block of Adlon Road, was “thousands of bees in strength,” Los Angeles Times reported.

In response to the swarm, the LAPD closed down the area of the road and instructed residents not to go outside. The fire department stated that a professional bee handler experienced with removing bees would be required to rid the area of the swarm, Los Angeles Times reported.

The event with the Los Angeles bee swarm follows many natural world anomalies in the United States in 2023. In April, PBS Newshour reported that the United States was “leading the world” in “extreme weather catastrophes.” Experts reportedly stated that the United States could “blame its geography” for being the nation to experience such extreme weather patterns in recent history.

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