Human Body Part Harvesting Deal Uncovered

( – A human body harvesting swap deal has reportedly been uncovered out of Boston, Massachusetts.

The Harvard Medical School morgue manager was caught selling stolen human remains out of the school’s Anatomical Gift Department. As the former staffers were charged, Harvard Medical School faculty told reporters they were “appalled” by their peers’ actions.

Media reports stated that six people were arrested in connection with a trafficking ring that was selling human remains from cadavers, including remains from Harvard Medical School. Cedric Lodge, a resident of Goffstown, New Jersey, and the former manager of Harvard Medical School’s morgue, was arrested and indicted before a federal grand jury on Wednesday, June 14. The indictment explained that, at times, Lodge would sell dissected portions of the human remains.

Local news reported that Lodge stole body parts including heads, brains, skin, and bones, and took them back to his New Hampshire residence that he shared with his wife, Denise Lodge. From his home, Lodge then sold the body parts to buyers via the mail. In addition to morgue sales, Lodge also allegedly allowed buyers to come to the Harvard Medical School morgue and pick up the human remains.

In addition to Lodge and his wife, three other people were charged in connection with the scheme. A resident of Pennsylvania, Joshua Taylor, and a Minnesota resident Matthew Kampi were arrested in connection to the conspiracy to sell the stolen human bodies.

The body parts ring also included Katrina Maclean, age 44, who is from Salem, Massachusetts. MacLean owns a horror oddity shop called Kat’s Creepy Creations. Maclean is accused of having purchased dissected skin from human faces.

Also arrested was Jeremy Pauley, who reportedly received skin from Maclean shipped through the mail. Pauley allegedly bought the skin to turn into leather. The group of human remains traffickers reportedly discussed their activities on social media and were part of a nationwide ring of body part sellers.

In response to the horrific news, the dean of Harvard Medical School released a statement calling the actions an “abhorrent” betrayal.

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