Howard Stern Proudly Announces His “Wokeness,” Calls Trump Supporters Dumb

( – Howard Stern is “woke” and he’s not being shy about it.

True to his “I don’t care what you think about me” attitude, bombastic radio host Howard Stern said in a recent episode of his radio show he embraces the term “woke” and he’s proud to say that he’s a progressive thinker.

Responding to criticism from fans – many who have been long-time listeners of his show – who have complained that he is “not good anymore” because he has embraced “woke” ideologies, Stern said that being called the term is actually a compliment to him.

The opposite of woke is being asleep,” Stern said of criticism aimed against him, adding that he’s awake enough to be anti-Donald Trump, accept the scientific facts about the coronavirus vaccine, and support transgender people. He also clarified that he understands the reasons Trump is running for president, and that who he really hates are the people who vote for Trump, saying that they don’t have intelligence.

“The people Trump despises most, love him the most,” Stern pointed out, and challenged the listeners who were criticizing him to try to visit Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and see if “there’s any people who look like you.”

“I’m not for stupidity,” the host said. “I am woke, ************, and I love it… call me woke as ****** want,” he added. Stern also said that he is “awake” meaning he believes that the election was not rigged and that he reads legitimate news sources.

Stern also dangled the idea of running for president (although he has not announced anything officially nor taken any steps to formally do so), and idea he floated when the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade last year. He opined that the “problem with most presidents” was their “too big of an agenda.” All he wants, Stern said, was to make America “fair” again.

Stern rose to fame for making outrageous and offensive statements on his show, and often got into trouble with the FCC for those statements during his time on public radio. One example of such a statement was in 2010 when he called Golden Globe Nominee Gabourey Sidibe an “enormous, fat black chick” whom he said would never get another movie despite receiving accolades and praise for her compelling performance in the 2009 drama “Precious”. Sidibe has since been in more than 10 other movies and also enjoys a successful television career.

Trump has since responded to his former friend Howard Stern, calling him a “broken weirdo.”

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