Howard Stern Goes After Trump Supporters, Calls Himself a “Normal Conservative”

Howard Stern Goes After Trump Supporters, Calls Himself a

Howard Stern Says He’s a “Normal Conservative”

( – Since former President Donald Trump left office, he has caused an increasingly deep schism among the ranks of conservative lawmakers and voters. Most have remained loyal to the former president and continue to see him as the leader of the GOP. However, others view Trump as a major problem for conservatism and a dangerous figure within the party. SiriusXM host Howard Stern recently outed himself as belonging to the latter camp.

On the August 6 episode of his show, Stern was sharply critical of both the 45th president and his millions of supporters across the nation. Referring to the massive backing Trump retains in the US, Stern said he felt like he was looking at “a nation of nincompoops.”

The radio host distanced himself from the MAGA movement while stressing he was “somewhat of a conservative… a normal conservative.” He also stated Trump’s position on election integrity was anti-democratic, and that people who believed in it should experience life under a totalitarian regime, such as that of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said Trump supporters had no idea of how difficult their lives would be under such circumstances, calling them “morons.”

Do you think there is any truth in what Howard Stern said, or is he just Trump-bashing?

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