How to Save the Most Money at the Pump

How to Save the Most Money at the Pump

Gas Prices Are Soaring — Here’s How To Get Every Cent’s Worth When Filling Up

( – There are so many factors that go into the price of gas that it’s nearly impossible to predict what the price per gallon will be at any given time. The national average tends to fluctuate on a daily basis, and sometimes extreme circumstances can result in higher costs at the pump. However, there are ways to mitigate these prices and save money such as downloading apps, enrolling in rewards programs and using a credit card with cashback incentives.

Rewards Programs

Many supermarkets have a gas rewards program that gives customers cents off per gallon when they reach certain spending thresholds. Safeway, for instance, offers costs savings at Sunoco stations, while Kroger offers savings at its own pumps or at Shell stations. Each rewards program has its own set of guidelines, including how much a customer needs to spend to qualify and maximum cost savings. Take care to read the rules first and also take note of expiration dates to take full advantage of saving at the pump.

Download Apps

There are several apps you can download to not only save money at the pump but also find the lowest gas prices in any given area, whether they’re staying local or taking a road trip. Gas Buddy is perhaps one of the most popular for this purpose. It also has a savings program that users can take advantage of if they link their debit card to their account. AAA has the TripTik app, which combines a trip planner that includes a map outlining gas stations along a route for price comparison.

Use Credit Cards With Cashback Incentives

Some credit cards make it really easy to save money, but they often do it in the form of cashback rewards rather than immediate savings. Each month, users will receive cash back up to a certain percentage of what they spent on fuel. Just take note of any annual fees and make sure to pay off the balance each month, otherwise, the savings is negated by interest charges on the purchase.

Fill Up on Monday or Tuesday

At the start of the week, the gas prices are typically a few cents lower. Instead of filling up on the weekend, when prices are likely to be at their highest, try to plan so that you can make it to the pump on a Monday or Tuesday. While the cost savings at this point is minimal, it can make a difference in vehicles with larger tanks.

There’s little that can be done in regards to gas prices but with a little bit of savvy planning and taking advantage of the programs available, it’s possible to save money with each visit.

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