House Plans to Vote on Washington, DC Statehood

House Plans to Vote on Washington, DC Statehood

( – The idea of making Washington, DC a state has been discussed almost since the inception of our nation. The Founding Fathers made it a federal district, which they felt was best for administrative purposes. Naturally, however, there have always been opponents of this view. In 2021, these opponents are almost all Democrats.

Now, the party is set to take a concrete step toward forging a 51st state. On Tuesday, April 6, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) sent a letter to his colleagues stating the House was set to vote on a bill that would make the city a state later this month.

Considering the Democratic majority in the House, the bill will likely pass there. However, it has little chance of overcoming the Senate filibuster.

There’s a reasonable discussion to be had around the merits and drawbacks of statehood for DC. The Democrats are not attempting to address these, though; they just seem to be trying to strengthen their position in Congress by making a state out of a heavily left-leaning area.

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