House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan Holds Manhattan Crime Hearing

( – House Judiciary Committee Chairperson Jim Jordan held a hearing on Manhattan’s crime problems, in what critics and political analysts referred to as a direct engagement of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the attorney preceding a New York criminal case against former President Donald Trump. Bragg has charged Trump with 34 felony counts of document fraud for alleged fraud surrounding hush payments distributed by the Trump company and Trump’s former lawyer to former adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

Jordan has drawn heated criticism for his hearing on Manhattan’s crime. Critics claim that Jordan is holding the hearing “at Trump’s bidding,” specifically to address Trump’s criminal case, and not only to address Manhattan’s crime, ABC News wrote. Political analysts stated that, in their view, Bragg has been targeted for his case against Trump. In the view of analysts, the video released by the House GOP was “anti-Bragg” and portrayed New York City as a “crime-ridden hell hole,” the New York Daily News wrote. Analysts refer to a video spot created by the House GOP which calls out New York’s rising crime rate as a “Democrat crime crisis.” The video shows news clippings where New Yorkers express their doubt about the local justice system, explaining how NYPD officers had been killed in action and children had been physically assaulted by repeat offenders.

In January, statistics showed that New York’s overall crime rates had risen 22 percent since 2021, The New York Times reported. The House GOP showed a series of violent crimes and crime-related news clippings mixed with shots of Alvin Bragg during his swearing-in. Stats in January saw that shooting crimes fell to their lowest since 2019, but that crimes such as robbery were on the rise, The New York Times reported. The NYPD also released its official statistics that reflected that violent crimes, such as murder and rape, overall have declined but that robberies and assaults were on the rise when compared with 2022. Other crimes such as grand larceny are lowered when compared with recent years.

Jordan’s hearing follows controversial criticisms of the case made by the former president.

In addition to Bragg’s fraud allegation case, Trump faces a series of legal cases in New York and at the federal level.

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