House Democrats Motion To Force a Debt Limit Increase as Default Looms

( – House Democrats are expected to deploy a “secret” weapon they have been “quietly” working on in an attempt to force the House to raise the U.S. national debt ceiling limit, The New York Times reported. Democrat motions come as the United States Treasury anticipates the U.S. could default on its bills by as early as June 1.

The Democrat position follows the House Republicans effort to pass legislation to avoid default and to reach concessions on government spending. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy introduced legislation that would limit the national budget’s use of funds for discretionary programs and would make a plan to pay down debts, tapping into unused relief funds from the government response to the pandemic.

Democrats criticize McCarthy’s efforts, claiming he will need to “corral” his extremist party, CNN reported. In contrast, McCarthy and Republicans have criticized Biden and the Democrats for failing to negotiate the debt ceiling terms sooner, Fox News reported.

As McCarthy proposed legislation, he drew heavy criticism from Democrats and White House aides who claimed that his bill would have a major impact on programs such as Veterans Affairs.

CNN analysts explained that the U.S. credit ranking is among one of many risks associated with lawmakers’ drawn out debate of the terms.

President Biden has invited Congress members to a visit at the White House on May 9 to discuss the terms of the debt ceiling and budget legislation. While Biden is willing to negotiate with McCarthy on the budget, he will not negotiate on the terms of raising the debt ceiling, Vox news analyzed.

As Democrats and Republicans contend over the correct approach to the debt ceiling crisis, centrist lawmakers have been seeking a solution which addresses the three primary goals of avoiding default, advancing a sustainable budget, and addressing the nation’s long-term fiscal health. The Problem Solvers Caucasus endorsed a “bipartisan debt ceiling framework” in April, the House stated in a press release published April 19.

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