Hostage Situation Results in Four Deaths, Including SWAT Officer and Captives

( – A tense hostage situation in Austin, Texas resulted in the death of four people, including a member of the local SWAT team.

Officer Jorge Pastore was one of two SWAT members who were hit with gunfire when they made a forced entry of the suspect’s home, located in south Austin. Both officers where rushed to a hospital, but Pastore eventually succumbed to his injuries. The other injured SWAT member was reported to be in stable condition.

The incident stemmed from a 911 call, where a frantic woman told the operator she was being stabbed while screaming for help.

Police who responded to the call initially saw the suspect wielding a knife, with two victims inside the home. There was also a third victim, but she was able to escape before officers arrived and was taken to a local hospital that saw to her injuries. When police officers attempted to enter the home, the suspect fired on them. The officers did not fire back but retreated instead and called for SWAT support, as the suspect had already barricaded himself inside.

Just like the first time law enforcement attempted to enter the home, the suspect opened fire on SWAT officers, who did a forced entry in order to save the victims inside. SWAT returned fire and killed the suspect, but not before the latter managed to hit Pastore and another SWAT officer. It was also too late to save the two victims, who were found with fatal injuries. As of press time, the police have not released the identities of the suspect or the two other victims.

Pastore was the first officer from the Austin Police Department that has died in the line of duty in the last 10 years. He left behind a wife, two stepsons, parents, and two sisters.

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