Hope Hicks Meets With Prosecution As the Trump Inquiry Intensifies

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks met with Manhattan prosecutors on March 6 as the inquiry into former President Donald Trump regarding 2016 Russian election collusion allegations intensified, The New York Times reported. Hicks became one of seven other witnesses called to testify in the ongoing inquiry into the former president.

Along with her lawyer Robert Trout, Hicks spent “several hours” inside the Manhattan district attorney’s office, the Associated Press reported. While Hicks and her lawyer were later seen leaving the district attorney’s office and walking to an SUV, they reportedly did not speak to reporters during their exit. Both Trout and the district attorney’s office declined to comment on the meeting and did not confirm whether Hicks was confirmed by prosecutors.

In addition to her appearance at the Manhattan district attorney’s office on March 6, Hicks was reportedly also interrogated in 2018 about the same misconduct and Russian collusion allegations against the former president.

Hicks likewise came under heavy scrutiny by the mainstream media for her testimony on Trump’s behalf at the time, with media outlets such as The Guardian accusing her of “prevarication.” Media reports in 2019 stated that the investigation attempts to interrogate Hicks were “frustrated” because lawyers steered Hicks away from answering questions. Hicks was reportedly involved in attempting to keep the former president out of the press in the final days of the 2016 election, in what the Associated Press called a “frenzied attempt” to keep Trump’s alleged affairs from leaking publicly.

As Hicks met with prosecutors, mainstream media accused her and Kellyane Conway of possibly linking Trump to “hush money,” in his 2016 win, Business Insider wrote.

As the inquiry into Trump continued, the Republican Party meanwhile sought oversight into the special counsel in Fulton County, Georgia, The New York Times reported. Media claimed that the oversight efforts were part of a broader attempt by Republicans to rein in prosecutors they deemed “too liberal.”

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