Hillary Clinton Thinks the USA Is Similar to Afghanistan and Sudan

Hillary Clinton Thinks the USA Is Similar to Afghanistan and Sudan

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Former Secretary of State and failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has never shied away from an opportunity to criticize Republican policy in harsh terms. She recently decided to compare the United States to the ultra-conservative Islamic regimes of Sudan and Afghanistan over the current legal situation surrounding abortion in the US.

On Friday, December 2, Clinton made an appearance at the Women’s Voices Summit in Little Rock, Arkansas. She addressed the US Supreme Court’s decision earlier this year in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, overturning the seminal case of Roe v. Wade and handing the power to make the rules around abortion back to individual states. Clinton opined that this ruling made the US similar to countries like Sudan and Afghanistan when it comes to reproductive rights.

There’s only one issue — rules around abortion in liberal states are currently largely the same as they were before the Dobbs ruling. Thirteen conservative states have banned abortion, while a number of others have imposed a shorter deadline on women seeking terminations. Other Republican-led states are awaiting the outcome of court battles over the legality of abortion legislation.

In Sudan, abortion is only permissible in cases of rape or where a woman’s life is in danger, while Afghanistan makes no exception for rape but does permit abortions to save women’s lives.

Do you think Clinton’s comparison is fair?

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