Hillary Clinton Immediately Seeks Monetary Gain After Raid on Trump’s Home

Hillary Clinton Immediately Seeks Monetary Gain After Raid on Trump's Home

Hillary Shows Her True Colors in DISASTROUS Tweet

(RepublicanDaily.org) – On Monday, August 8, according to accounts from his family members and other insider sources, a large number of FBI agents showed up at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. The raid was reportedly connected to allegations the former president failed to handle classified documents in the proper way, as prescribed by law. Trump was extremely critical of the operation, claiming it occurred because of corruption within the Biden administration.

However, one of the 45th president’s fiercest political rivals appeared only too happy to take advantage of the situation.

Hillary Uses Raid To Sell Her Merch

Former Democratic Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton posted the tweet below on Tuesday, the day after the Mar-a-Lago operation. The post invites followers to buy hats and shirts emblazoned with the slogan “BUT HER EMAILS.”

This is a reference to a scandal uncovered about Clinton involving her decision to keep classified data on a private email server. Trump has been highly critical of this move in the past. Though the FBI did not press charges against the high-profile Democrat over the issue, former FBI Director James Comey described the Clinton office’s handling of the material in question as “extremely careless.”

The former secretary of state’s tweet highlighted that all money raised from the merchandise sales would go toward protecting liberal “values,” including the promotion of Supreme Court packing.

Critical Response to Clinton’s Fundraising Efforts

Predictably, plenty of Twitter commentators were keen to share their views on Clinton’s post. Washington Times columnist Tim Young was among those who piled on, highlighting that former President Bill Clinton, Hillary’s husband, has not been targeted by federal authorities despite his known links to major sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Young accused those in power in Washington of operating a “two-tiered justice system.”

Podcaster and journalist Tim Pool went even further, suggesting Hillary Clinton was deliberately bragging about her imperviousness to criminal prosecution. He accused Democratic donors of knowingly giving their money to an individual who considers herself “above the law.”

What Do We Know About the Raid Itself?

Amid major public outcry over the Mar-a-Lago operation, Attorney General Merrick Garland has filed a motion to make public the search warrant that allowed agents to enter Trump’s home. This would shed light on the real reasons for the raid, and let concerned members of the public see the supposed justifications for themselves.

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