Here We Go Again: Election Ballot Error Reported

Here We Go Again: Election Ballot “Error” Reported

Election ERROR Reported – Mystery Event Found!

( – Following the presidential election of 2020, many conservative commentators and supporters of then-President Donald Trump insisted President Joe Biden had won because of widespread fraud. Attempts to unearth this fraud conclusively all failed, and President Biden kept his seat in the Oval Office. Now, voting discrepancies have surfaced in a key swing state in its midterm primary.

On Wednesday, May 18, regional outlet WGAL reported there were irregularities with some votes in the Republican primary for the US Senate in Pennsylvania, meaning voting was taking longer than usual. There was reportedly an issue with the printing of an incorrect code on mail-in ballots in Lancaster County.

The faulty ballots managed to make it through testing. Officials only realized something was wrong when they could not scan ballots as they arrived. Election staff have been counting approximately 16,000 votes by hand.

Local election authorities committed in a statement to try to fix the problem as quickly as reasonably possible. The statement also stressed speed was not the first priority, but rather the integrity of the election and the execution of the choices of the voting public.

Do you think stories like this indicate we still need major election reform in the United States? Will we see such reform before the next presidential election?

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