Haley Believes Trump is Too Friendly With North Korea

(RepublicanDaily.org) – While GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley has a very disparaging view of President Joe Biden’s “weakness” in his foreign policy and dealings with countries like China, North Korea, and Russia, the former South Carolina governor and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations isn’t impressed with former president Trump’s policies either.

According to Haley, who issued a statement following reports of a planned meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, neither Biden’s weakness nor “Donald Trump’s friendliness to Kim” have made any positive impact on the direction North Korea is going.

Instead, she said, “the dictators of the world are united,” as evidenced by the upcoming Putin-Kim meeting. Haley added that strong leadership was needed to oppose the threat posed by the “tyrants who lead China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea” who, according to her, “hate America and our values.”

The camp of the former president was quick to respond to the comments, stating that Trump’s presidency was “successful,” which made everyone respect the “power and leadership of America.” Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for the former commander-in-chief, added that Trump’s presidency prevented new wars from starting, and chided Biden “and others” whom he claimed “want to further bloodshed and deaths.”

Trump himself has also been consistently proud of his foreign policy for North Korea, saying that his efforts with North Korea’s Kim prevented a “nuclear holocaust” from happening. The former president also earlier praised North Korea for its election to the board of the World Health Organization.

Congratulations to Kim Jung [sic] Un!” Trump posted on Truth Social.

Putin and Kim are set to meet sometime during the month, according to a report by the New York Times. The meeting will take place in Russia, where Putin is expected to seek artillery shells and antitank missiles, and offer food supplies for the impoverished and hungry nation in exchange, as well as advanced technology for nuclear-powered submarines and satellites.

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