Hakeem Jeffries Called Out for Reporting GOP “Civil War”

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Democratic New York Representative Hakeem Jeffries has likened the current actions of the Republican Party to engaging in “civil war” as House GOP members push forward impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden.

Jeffries said that the GOP is promoting “chaos, dysfunction and extremism,” which he says are the hallmarks of civil war. He also accused Republicans of “hurting hard-working Americans” be refusing to work in a bipartisan manner and instead engage in political stunts – like what the GOP is doing in the House with the impeachment.

However, Republican South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace called Jeffries out for his apparent double standard, saying that Jeffries was being a hypocrite, as he himself used divisive language, also pointing out that there would have been massive outrage among the left if a Republican made the kind of statements Jeffries made.

But Mace also criticized the bipartisan debt-ceiling agreement, which allowed the U.S. to have a higher borrowing cap, something Mace said was an unnecessary burden to many middle-class Americans, and a perfect example of Democrats (and Republicans) putting politics over people.

“They would not have joined hands earlier this year to add $18.8 trillion to the debt,” Mace said.

The liberal New York congressman made the statements in a recent interview on ABC News’ “This Week” weekly segment, where he also said that regardless of what the GOP does, Democrats would always seek to “find common ground” with Republicans, and asserted that the president and the White House would fully cooperate with the impeachment proceedings because the chief executive has “nothing to hide.”

Besides the impeachment, Democrats and Republicans have recently sparred over government spending, with liberals wanting the government to put out more funds for various programs and initiatives, while conservatives are arguing for more prudent spending. The divide has come to the point where the disagreements could cause a government shutdown.

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