Guess Where Biden’s 2024 Campaign Headquarters Will Be Located

( – President Joe Biden has announced the location of his 2024 campaign headquarters, noting that he will base his campaign for reelection in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. Biden’s primary residence has been in Wilmington since he was 10 years old. Announcing his election headquarters, Biden said that his “eternal optimism” as well as “unwavering belief” in the value of the “American middle class” comes from being a Delawarian.

Biden built his political career on originally coming from Scranton, Pennsylvania and building the image of himself as “Scranton Joe” from a working-class background. He moved to Delaware as a young child, going on to enter the US Senate after attending the University of Delaware for political science and obtaining his law degree from Syracuse University in upstate New York. Upon returning to Delaware and being elected to the Senate, Biden became well-known for taking the train to and from Washington, DC on weekends and moved on to the nickname “Amtrak Joe.”

Biden’s 2020 election campaign was based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a stronghold of state and federal Democratic politics. During his 2020 campaign, Biden notoriously spent a lot of time inside his home in Wilmington while prominent Democrat colleagues such as former President Barack Obama campaigned for him. The 2024 headquarters is apparently only going to have seven staff located there, and some analysts are speculating that he will once again soft-pedal this election run, letting the left-leaning media and ongoing prosecution of former President Donald Trump win the election for him.

Biden previously served as the US Senator from Delaware for 36 years, and his decision to base his reelection headquarters there was met with gratitude and praise by Delaware’s Democratic Governor John Carney. Carney, who has headed the state since 2017, said the state is “honored” that Biden has chosen them to run his campaign, while fellow Democratic Senator Chris Coons said he “can’t think of a better place” to get Biden reelected than from their “hometown” of Wilmington.

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