Grandma Viciously Murdered by Her Own Grandson

( – A Florida man stands accused of beating his own grandmother to death with a hammer and then calling the housekeeper to clean up the blood-soaked scene, Fox News reported. Before the grandmother’s death, the grandparents reportedly had a restraining order against the grandson.

While the grandparents had an order of protection for Corrado, the details were not released as to why they took the order out, The Independent UK reported.

Police from Collier County, Florida’s Sheriff Office reportedly arrested Michael Corrado, a resident of Naples, Florida, after he had allegedly beaten his grandmother to death with a hammer and “severely injured” his grandfather, Fox News reported. The suspect was caught after reportedly calling a housekeeper to clean up the “bloody mess”. The housekeeper was reportedly contacted by phone call and then arrived to find the blood-soaked scene.

Corrado has reportedly had a criminal record since he was 23 years old and had been recently released from prison at the time that he went to the grandparents’ residence to commit the crime, Fox News reported. Upon the murder of his grandmother, Corrado was charged with second-degree murder and the aggravated battery of a person over 65, The Independent UK reported.

The housekeeper, who has not been named, was led through the house by the 34-year-old suspect, where she was then greeted by the bedroom scene where the elderly victim was discovered deceased, Fox 13 reported. The housekeeper was reportedly “quick thinking” and devised a plan to escape, telling the suspect that she needed to get “cleaning supplies” out of her car. Once the housekeeper escaped the house, she took off in her car, and then reportedly flagged down a deputy in his car, Fox 13 reported. The deputy’s car was a “short distance” from the scene, which occurred in Naples, Florida.

When the police responded to the scene, they discovered the elderly grandmother deceased in the bedroom and the grandfather in another room wrapped in a blanket and “suffering head injuries,” The Independent UK reported.

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