Grand Jury Officially Indicts Trump, Despite Speculation About Delays

( – The criminal court in Manhattan investigating former Donald Trump for hush money payments made to former adult film star Stormy Daniels had planned to take a break “for most of April,” a source told CNN Politics. Criminal charges had been impending against Trump, that was until March 30, when the former president was officially indicted by the Manhattan grand jury.

On March 29, Trump claimed, in a broadcast posted to Truth Social, that the investigators were dangerously interfering in elections, and that they were a “disgrace” to the nation.

Earlier in March, Trump predicted he would be arrested, and claimed that the “death and destruction” that this arrest would cause would have catastrophic implications for the nation, he stated, in a post to Truth Social media. Trump’s commentary sparked a heated string of backlash from media outlets.

Media claimed that when Trump posted a picture of himself holding a baseball bat on a split screen beside Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, it was an intentional threat. Media analysts stated that they thought this was an incitement of violence, and that, in their view, Trump was committing a felony by using the media to threaten the Manhattan D.A. Trump received criticism for the post, and for his comments about the ensuing fallout that would come from his anticipated indictment. The editorial team of the New York Post stated that, in their view, Trump’s statements showed that he “can’t change” and that his unwillingness to change would also mean that he “can’t win.”

Trump, however, told Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity that, when posting a story relevant to the criminal investigation, he and his media team did not see the picture in the preview link, Breitbart reported.

Trump is to face around 30 charges, though the extent of those charges remain unclear at this time.

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