Governor Youngkin Lowers Taxes, Says Virginians Should Own Farmland, Not the CCP

( – On January 31, Republican Governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin released a video stating that Virginians should own farmland in their state, not members of the Chinese Communist Party, Fox News reported.

Youngkin warned that the made-in-Virginia push “cannot be a front” for the Chinese Communist Party. He announced a bill to prohibit foreign national entities tied to the Chinese Communist Party from purchasing farmland in Virginia.

Youngkin axed a plan to bring a $3.5 billion Ford battery plant to Virginia in late 2022, The Virginia Mercury reported. The plant was reportedly going to be managed by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co, abbreviated CATL, the largest electric vehicle battery producer in the world.

Youngkin has advocated hardline policy against the Chinese communist regime since he was elected and has issued many warnings about the security implications of allowing Chinese Communist Party-linked entities to buy properties or manage facilities in Virginia.

Critics argued that Youngkin killed the 2,500 jobs that would have come with the plant.

Youngkin, however, argued that the plant construct was highly influenced by the Chinese Communist Party and that it was a “reach around.” He explained that he axed the plant to prevent Virginia tax-payer and federal tax-payer money from going to the benefit of a CCP-linked entity.

Governor Glenn Youngkin told Fox News that he is actively working to “lower taxes” and to make Virginia the “best place to live.” Youngkin has proposed $1 billion in tax cuts for 2023. Since he was elected as Virginia Governor one year ago, Youngkin has passed $4 billion in tax cuts. Youngkin reasons that tax cuts will help Virginia compete.

Youngkin has urged that tax decreases should encourage people to not only stay in Virginia but also encourage people from other states to move to Virginia.

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