Gov. Abbott Calls President “Hypocrite” After Biden Blasts Migrant Busing

Gov. Abbott Calls President

( – As frustration over President Joe Biden’s handling of the ongoing immigration crisis has grown in the southern border states, some governors have taken matters into their own hands by busing undocumented migrants to sanctuary cities like New York and Washington, DC. Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) sent a busload of illegal immigrants to Washington, DC, on Christmas Eve, and they landed outside the residence of Vice President Kamala Harris. Biden has criticized Abbott over the move, but the Texas leader is having none of it.

White House spokesperson Abdullah Hasan released a statement to the media following news of the arrival of the migrants. The statement accused Abbott of abandoning the migrants in Washington in “below-freezing temperatures” without consulting the authorities beforehand. Hasan said the Biden Administration was open to working on solutions but said the busing of migrants in this fashion amounted to playing “political games.”

A spokesperson for Abbott released a statement to the press following the Biden administration’s criticism. It accused the White House of hypocrisy and labeled the president “the Hypocrite-in-Chief.” It went on to accuse Biden and “Border Czar Harris” of failing in their duties to keep the border secure.

Who do you think is in the right in this dispute?

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