GOP Rep Wants to Fine Adam Schiff $16M for False Testimony

( – The GOP members of the House of Representatives want to fine Representative ADam Schiff “$16m” for “false testimony,” against former President Donald Trump, Fox News reported. The GOP Representative Anna Paulina Luna led the motion to fine Schiff. Luna and other GOP Representatives have also wanted to seek to expel Schiff from the Congress chamber, Fox News reported. Reportedly, the fine Luna seeks will be “roughly half” the cost of the so-called Russiagate probe, which ultimately found no evidence of collusion between the former president and nationals of the Russian Federation, Fox News reported.

A report from USA Today on May 23 stated that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had not formally motioned to expel Schiff from Congress, USA Today reported. The claim reportedly stemmed from a Facebook post published on May 17 that claimed the House Speaker had directly made statements calling for the “immediate expulsion” of Schiff. This post was a false report, USA Today noted, and misconstrued actual statements made by McCarthy on May 16, in which McCarthy questioned whether procedures to “expel and prosecute” Schiff should be initiated, USA Today reported.

Schiff’s continued Russia narrative testimony has drawn political criticism from Republicans, who have argued that the media and Democrats are trying to silence democratic review of “tyrants” running federal agencies. In a May 18 press statement held before a hearing with FBI whistleblowers, Representative Harriet Hageman (R. WY) called out the Democratic behavior toward the House Judiciary Committee’s probe into the FBI and stated that, in her view, Russian collusion narratives are “all” that Schiff “knows what to say,” Forbes Breaking News broadcast.

Additional political criticism came from Fox News which noted that many TV networks had presented an invitation to Schiff to “peddle” the “Russian collusion” story for years. The Durham Report found the FBI’s Trump and Russia collusion inquiry to be “deeply flawed,” the Associated Press reported. In the wake of this conclusion, Fox criticized “Russiagate” and the fact that mainstream media had continued to “embrace” Schiff’s narrative.

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