GOP Members Pledge Cash to Support Georgia Runoff

GOP Members Pledge Cash to Support Georgia Runoff

( – Almost two weeks on from Election Day, we still don’t know which party will control the Senate in 2021. The Republicans have 50 seats, while the Democrats have 48. The two remaining places will be filled by runoff elections in Georgia.

What’s Up for Grabs?

Democrats cannot win an overall majority in the Senate. However, if Kamala Harris becomes vice president, she would have the deciding vote if the chamber were to be split 50/50 on a given issue. Therefore, if the Democrats take both runoff elections, they will have a narrow advantage in the Senate. If Republicans win either vote, they retain control.

It’s difficult to overstate how crucial these races are. The Democrats already hold a majority in the House of Representatives. If they take control of the White House and the Senate as well, they’ll be able to pass legislation as they see fit.

Campaigns & Campaign Funding

The runoff elections are scheduled to take place on January 5, 2021, giving candidates several weeks to get back on the campaign trail. Analysts expect millions of dollars to be spent on political advertising in the state over this period.

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) discussed what he perceives as a disparity in funding between the Right and the Left on Fox News on Thursday, November 13. Democrats, he claimed, are outspending Republicans by a considerable margin. He pledged to donate $1 million of his campaign funds to the two Republican candidates in Georgia.

Graham won his own race for the Senate in South Carolina; however, his Democratic opponent Jaime Harrison managed to raise far more money than him. Graham attributed this to the popularity of “Act Blue,” a political donation app that allows members of the public to give money to Liberal candidates.

Political commentators have been bemoaning the issue of money in politics for some time now. Donors from various industries fund the campaigning efforts of most politicians, ostensibly giving them a lot of influence in the direction of policy. This is part of the reason for President Trump’s popularity. Many voters felt, as an independently wealthy outsider to politics, he would not be as quick to bow to this kind of pressure as a career politician.

Given the current trend toward liberal ideas in the media and among the rich and famous, it’s not surprising to see Democrat fundraising efforts doing so well. If Conservatives can’t find a way to address this, it will cost them dearly in future elections.

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