GOP Leaders Stand Up Against Biden’s Pro-Abortion Nominee

GOP Leaders Take a Stand Against Pro-Abortion Nominee

( – With the White House and both chambers of Congress under Democratic control, many are worried about the hard-Left measures that might take effect in the next two years. President Joe Biden’s approach to immigration and environmental policy has already raised eyebrows. Now, one of his cabinet picks is also garnering the wrong kind of attention.

In a letter dated Thursday, February 18, over 60 pro-life advocates appealed to the US Senate to reject the president’s pick to lead the Health Department, Xavier Becerra. Becerra currently serves as California’s attorney general. He’s renowned as a prominent advocate of abortion rights.

Led by the Susan B. Anthony List, the letter was also signed by Americans United for Life, Students for Life, and many other anti-abortion groups. It describes Becerra as “an enemy to every pro-life policy.”

Given the prevailing liberal idea that abortion is an essential part of healthcare, appointing Becerra to run the Health Department makes sense from a Democratic perspective. However, it does not represent the values of Conservative America.

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