GOP Leaders Have High Hopes for Future Elections

GOP Leaders Have High Hopes for Future Elections

( – So far, 2021 has not been a good year for the Democratic party. A massive immigration crisis erupted on our southern border, and foreign policy challenges are springing up left and right. The Biden administration has done little to persuade us it’s capable of steering us into calmer waters. President Joe Biden has remained largely hidden from the press, evading open discussion on the big issues.

On Sunday, April 19, The Hill published a feature piece discussing the feeling amongst GOP candidates about their chances of winning midterm elections in 2022. Generally, Republicans are very positive, viewing the many recent policy issues as “campaign fodder” for next year.

The piece quoted Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), who spoke on the radio on Saturday about the nation’s issues and the Democrats’ failure to address them. Specifically, he mentioned open borders, school closures, and voter ID, among other things. He’s also been outspoken on Twitter about the administration’s perceived failures.

Dominant parties traditionally lose ground in midterm elections. That factor, coupled with the disaster the last few months have been, could set the stage for a GOP victory next year.

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