GOP Leader Calls Out Dems’ Lack of Transparency

GOP Leader Calls Out Dems' Lack of Transparency

( – Since President Joe Biden took office, and even before, there’s been a wealth of speculation about who actually “pulls the strings” in his team. Despite this, however, he managed to implement more executive orders in his first month in the White House than any president in history. Clearly, something doesn’t add up.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) drew attention to this in an interview on Monday, April 19. He accused the administration of wanting to “use smoke and mirrors” to avoid making things “transparent.” Cawthorn contrasted this with the approach of former President Donald Trump, who, despite offending some people with “mean tweets,” let people know “what [he] was thinking.”

Continuing, Cawthorn said this lack of transparency was one of the factors which made it imperative that the GOP “get Democrats out of power.”

Rep. Cawthorn also made headlines earlier this month with his suggestion to make the border wall a national monument — a Donument, if you will. It seems the youngest representative in Congress is intent on making his presence felt.

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