GOP Governor Wants to End Expanded Unemployment

GOP Governor Wants to End Expanded Unemployment

( – Despite the fiscal challenges that have come with COVID-19, Democratic leaders are intent on spending huge sums on government projects. The Biden administration has proposed $6 trillion in spending measures thus far, which it hopes to fund through aggressive tax increases.

As you might imagine, Conservatives have a very different outlook on how best to weather the economic storm of the pandemic. On Sunday, May 9, Utah Governor Spencer Cox (R) appeared on CNN to promote the Republican policy of trying to end enhanced unemployment. This payment was introduced to assist those out of work because of the pandemic, but Republican leaders are now saying it’s acting as a disincentive for people to work.

Cox pointed to the low unemployment rate in his state and claimed the biggest challenge for Utah businesses at the moment is finding employees.

Federal benefits have acted as a lifeline for millions of people throughout the pandemic. However, with vaccination rates steadily climbing, it’s time to start looking at more affordable income assistance options.

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