GOP Candidate Calls Elon Musk America’s Richest African-American

GOP Candidate Calls Elon Musk America's Richest African-American

( – Multibillionaire CEO and innovator Elon Musk is both an inspirational and divisive character. Some point to his creative genius and astronomical success as the perfect example of how capitalism benefits both individuals and society, while others maintain his massive wealth is inappropriate because of America’s income inequality problems. A conservative politician has just set tongues wagging with an interesting description of Musk.

Blake Masters, who’s running for the US Senate in Arizona, described Musk as America’s “richest African American entrepreneur” during an appearance on Fox. He was responding to criticism of Musk by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who claimed Musk should be doing more to help taxpayers and called him a “freeloader.”

Musk was born in South Africa and is white. Masters’ description, while technically correct, has attracted attention because “African American” typically refers to people with dark skin.

Masters went further in his criticism of Senator Warren, saying Musk does more for America on a weekly basis than the Massachusetts liberal will in her entire career. He also took aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her husband Paul Pelosi, claiming their extensive and highly lucrative stock trading was a form of corruption.

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