GOP Calls for Liz Cheney’s Removal

GOP to Rally for Liz Cheney's Removal Following Trump Impeachment Vote

( – The ranks of the Republican Party are divided on the topic of our 45th president. Though most GOP representatives stuck with Donald Trump for the House impeachment vote, 10 chose to vote for his removal from office.

The most high-profile Republican to do this was Liz Cheney (R-WY), the party’s Conference Chairwoman. She also released a statement in support of Trump’s impeachment, in which she accused him of “[lighting] the flame” of the Capitol Building incident on January 6.

Her actions have not gone without opposition. A number of Republicans have called for Cheney to resign her leadership position as the third-highest position in the House Republican Party. On Friday, January 22, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) slammed Cheney for sending him an op-ed critical of Trump.

In supporting the impeachment of a president who has already left office, Liz Cheney is partaking in a political showpiece orchestrated by the Democrat Party. Unless she modifies her stance, her senior position in the GOP may well become untenable.

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