George W. Bush TARGETS Donald Trump?

George W. Bush Is Endorsing an Anti-Trump GOP Candidate

George W. Bush Is Endorsing an Anti-Trump GOP Candidate

( – Former President George W. Bush has made no secret of his distaste for former President Donald Trump. Ever since the riot at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, Bush has criticized Trump for what he perceives as the deterioration of the Republican Party and a shift away from proper conservative values. Now, Bush has endorsed an anti-Trump GOP candidate for the US Senate in Colorado.

The former president announced he has joined the fundraising team for Joe O’Dea, a candidate who has repeatedly stated he’d prefer Trump not run for the presidency again. Bush will reportedly depart from his normal habit of remaining quiet on the campaign trail to stump for O’Dea.

However, the evidence appears to suggest O’Dea will need more than Bush’s support to pull off a win in the Centennial State. Polling currently shows him trailing Democratic incumbent Senator Michael Bennet by 10 points. However, Bush’s contributions form part of a very strong fundraising effort by O’Dea’s campaign; the candidate reportedly pulled in $3 million between July and September.

Donald Trump looks at Bush as an enemy from arguably the most recognizable family of Republicans in the US. What do you think Bush’s support of anti-Trump candidates might mean for the party going forward?

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