George Soros Doubles Down on Pushing the Far Left

George Soros Doubles Down on Pushing the Far Left

George Soros ERUPTS With Another Leftist Push

( – George Soros is a much-maligned character. The Hungarian financier made himself a billionaire with his shrewd investments and has since turned much of his attention toward the financing of various left-wing causes. One of his beliefs is in a reformist approach to criminal justice, and this hasn’t changed despite the wave of violent crime currently sweeping across the United States.

On Sunday, July 31, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an op-ed by Soros in which he doubles down on his support for “reform prosecutors,” claiming policymakers are making a “false choice” between justice and safety. According to him, one feeds into the other. He says he will continue to support and fund the election campaigns of prosecutors who espouse a reform approach to their work.

Conservatives have traditionally criticized Soros for pumping so much money into leftist causes. Right-wingers claim he encourages runaway migration, hard-left social policies, and globalism. His critics come from further afield than the US; leaders in places like Italy and Turkey have also questioned his actions and motives.

As far as reform prosecution goes, the statistics paint a bleak picture. Left-wing prosecutors in cities across the nation last year presided over record homicide rates.

What do you think of George Soros and his views on crime and punishment?

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