George Santos Steps Down From Committees Following Faked Biography Scandal

( – New York Republican Representative George Santos told GOP leaders he would “recuse himself from committees,” following calls for his resignation from office from Democrats and some Republicans, U.S. News reported.

George Santos became a subject of public scrutiny when it was discovered that a large part of his biography and resume was “invented,” NPR News reported. Details of Santos’ fictional resume were reported by The New York Times on December 19.

In the biography, Santos claimed to have graduated from Baruch College with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance, NPR News reported. However, when Baruch College checked its records for George Santos, born July 22, 1988, and graduating in 2010, they reportedly could not find a match.

Nassau county Republican committee chairman Joseph Cairo Jr. said he thought Santos should “have the opportunity to address” the allegations.

A statement from George Santos’ lawyer Joseph Murray Esq. tweeted on December 19 argued that Santos represented “progress that threatens the Left” because Santos is a “gay, Latino, first-generation American Republican” who won over a Biden district.

Santos has so far resisted calls for his resignation from the Long Island, New York Republicans, Fox News reported.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told reporters that should it “rise to the occasion” that Santos “did something wrong,” he will be asked to resign. McCarthy said that this would be determined by a House Oversight Committee investigation. He said that Santos would be removed if he “had broken the law.”

At the time he was interviewed, McCarthy said that he was willing to put Santos on committees. Santos voluntarily recused himself from the committees, media reports stated on January 31.

Santos became the subject of political scandal following news that a biography about him was “largely fake,” Fox News reported.

Since the leak, polls show unfavorable views of Santos by the “vast majority” of his district, wrote U.S. News. Poll director at Siena College Don Levy told reporters that the majority of poll respondents “overwhelmingly and unambiguously” called for Santos to resign.

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